Quick Demo Tour

This walktrough is as quick and simple as the app itself. You'll be up and running in no time!

Step 1 - Login, Edit Profile, and Setup Your Work Schedule

1. Login

Simply login with Facebook and the app will pre-fill your profile with your Name and Photo.
Of course you can change these at any time.

  • 10 sec
  • once per year or less

2. Profile

You can edit your basic info such as: Name, Profile Photo, Contact Info, Description, Address, and Country.

  • 5 min
  • only once

3. Work Schedule

Set up your working hours for each day of the week and set the start and end date of you schedule’s validity. You can also plan your vacation here.

  • 3 min
  • once or twice a year

Step 1 - Profile

Step 2 - Your Services, Purchase Options, and Notifications

1. Add Service

A very simple Wizard will walk you through adding a new type of Service you offer to your clients. You can select between 1on1, Couples, or Class types of service. You will be able to set a Name for your Service, as well as the Venue, Duration of Sessions, Maximum number of Participants, and you can even Describe it for your Clients.

  • 5 min
  • few times per year

2. Notifications

This is where we will let you know about the important stuff, like when your customer accepts your invitation or cancels a session.

3. Pricing

The place where you select your preferred payment option.

Step 2 - Services

You’re done! Now it’s time to start inviting your Clients.

These first two steps are something you will probably set up rarely or only once, and even then it only takes about 10 minutes. How great is that?

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Step 3 - Managing Clients

1. Add a Client

You can add Clients manually or from your Contacts list. Type in your new client’s info or select a person from Contacts and then choose one of their emails or phone number as primary info. The app will fill in all the useful data and you can add the rest.

  • 2 min
  • hopefully often

2. Client Profile & Invitation

Under Clients on the new Profile page you will be able to edit their basic info and add Notes to remind yourself of their special needs or follow their progress.

  • 1 min
  • once per client

3. Selling a Service

In each of your Clients pages you have access to your Service Store. Select the Service and Purchase Option you agreed upon with them and attach it to their Profile. Here you can mark the payment status of this purchase and time of validity.

  • 30 sec
  • hopefully often

Step 3 - Clients

Step 4 - Booking & Calendar

1. Booking

This is probably the feature you’ll use the most and we spent the most time polishing it for that very reason. You just select whom to book, which service you provide, and then the time slot. That’s it!

  • 5 sec
  • regularly

2. Calendar

The month view will show you how busy your days are. In the day view you see all the details about your occupancy, how many people you have booked at once, and even if you’re overbooked.

Tips: Pinch to zoom and double-tap to return to normal.
When you scroll months ahead just shake your phone to jump back to today.
  • 5 sec
  • regularly

3. Task List

There’s a week’s worth of tasks under the Calendar to let you know of past ones that need your attention and ones in the near future.

  • 3 sec
  • regularly

Step 4 - Booking & Calendar

This is where GettaPro really excels!
You’ve probably tried other software or kept the books on paper. You know that usually it doesn’t take mere seconds to stay up to date with these day-to-day tasks.

Step 5 - History & Reporting

1. History

In each Client’s Profile you can see the History of their Purchases and details of usage.

  • 5 sec
  • occasionally

2. Notes

Your Client may be on a special diet or you want to keep track of their progress. In any case they might want to know too. Just send it to them with a simple tap.

  • 30 sec
  • occasionally

Step 5 - Reporting

That’s it!

Download the app. Play with it. Discover new stuff.
And don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

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Client Web App

This is where your clients will see all your bookings and attendance history.