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GettaPro is your calendar, task list, booking tool, client manager, attendance tracker and shop.
All in one easy to use app.

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Why GettaPro?

Getta.Pro was designed by trainers for trainers. We saw with our own eyes where we were losing time and money and decided to make the app that would solve our problems. Our favorite part of Getta.Pro is that it handles the annoying business details for us - scheduling and getting our clients to pay on time - so that we can focus on motivating and building our relationship with them.

  • Designed and developed by trainers for trainers
  • Booking, rescheduling, and client management all with one touch
  • Time savings of up to 20 hours per month
  • All your clients' info in one place
  • Analytics on visits, earnings, and losses

GettaPro works great for personal trainers, masseurs, driving or yoga instructors, beauticians, sports coaches, art teachers, tutors and language instructors, dance teachers and more. Anyone who's working in personal services.

Intuitive Features

Here are just a few of the features that put Getta.Pro above the rest

Quick Booking

Max 3 clicks for booking, cancelling, rescheduling, and arranging sessions.

Client Management

All your clients’ info in one place with analytics on visits and earnings.


Overview of visits, cancellations, and how many passes clients have left.

No More No-Shows

Automatic reminders before each session, eliminating the excuse “I forgot”.

Making Offers

Simple platform for quickly designing new plans and sending it to your client.

Easy Scheduling

Simple way to manage your work time and get the most out of it.

Simple App. Simple Pricing.

19,90 /mo
billed annualy


25 /mo
month to month

But we’re keeping it even simpler for our new users.
We are making it free for the first 14 days!

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  • What pricing suits your business size

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Turning Your Time Into Money

Getta.Pro is exactly what professionals need to organise - and maximise - their time and earnings. The days of the personal secretary are long gone, but the need to organise is here to stay. The Getta.Pro team knows this well, and we have designed the perfect app to do the heavy lifting for you - so you can focus on training and working with your clients.

Old-fashioned planning and organising your schedule can take you up to 20 hours per month - time when you aren't making any money. Getta.Pro brings that number down to minutes. With just a few clicks you can set up your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. Book sessions for clients, automatically send them reminders about their session, and invoice them all in one spot. Getta.Pro is not far from just a calendar, but a one-stop spot for all the services self-employed professionals need to save them the time they can turn into money.